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Travel and Learn

Learn languages (at home and abroad), understand cultures, cultural information, learn how to cook/paint abroad.

 Language learning and cultural understanding: 

Learn how to speak Spanish   An Easy Way to Speak Spanish. Learn to Master 3145 Words You Can Use Instantly To Communicate In Spanish. And best of all it's fun, easy and fast to learn. In just 31 lessons of 15-25 minutes each you'll learn 3145 Spanish words.
Language Courses Abroad with Tandem International   TANDEM offers language courses abroad (English, Spanish, German, French or Italian) supported with language exchange partnerships in 30 destinations in Europe and South America. Offers variety of courses (general, specialised, special interest), small classes, extensive cultural and recreational programs, accommodation booked by the school, internships ...
Teach Yourself Romanian   Software package for learning Romanian language.
English-Thai Dictionary   English-Thai Dictionaries, Travel e-Books.
Impariamo L'Italiano   Let's Learn Italian! Impariamo is a free forum where you can meet people from around the world who are learning Italian and share tips to improve your Italian language skills.
Japan-Guide.com   Delivers comprehensive, up to date information on traveling and living in Japan, first-hand from Japan.
A Guide to Language Learning Success   If you've decided to take up learning a new language then come to The Language Learning Advisor - one of the best online sources for anyone learning foreign languages.
Learn Korean Language   Provides lessons to learn Korean, ranging from beginners to advanced. Also has a forum, Korean news, music, culture, food and recipes. Easy to meet new people to practice the language with as well.
Learn Spanish in Peru   Travel to Lima and Learn Spanish at El Sol.
We offer six levels to study Spanish, homestay, volunteer opportunities
and more.

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