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Live-Work-Study-Volunteer Abroad

Find useful links to topics such as Immigration & visa information, work permits, finding a job abroad, living abroad, studying in another country, volunteer travel in another country.

Live Abroad: Immigration and Country Information

Travel visa and passport services online   Assists travelers with obtaining travel visas to foreign countries. In just a few clicks apply online for visas to one or multiple destinations, for one or several applicants at a time.
Want to live and work in Australia? Find out if you qualify in minutes. FREE Online visa assesssment.   Provide consultancy for people wishing to emigrate to Asutralia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and online visas for people visiting these coutries
ISE International Student ID Cards   ISE Card, an internationally recognized identification and discount card available to students of any age, faculty members, and youths between the ages of 12 and 26 years. Benefits include worldwide discounts, medical benefits, airline bankruptcy protection, toll free emergency assistance hotline, student airfares and more
Do you need a UK Bank Account? An easy online application process, the option of various banks, no minimum deposit   Sercient realises the challenges faced by non-UK residents, travellers and expatriates when attempting to open a bank account in the UK. You can open an account online from overseas or within the UK without the usual hassle and stress.
The New Zealand Immigration & Relocation Report TM   Discover the Easiest, Most Economical Way To Gather All The Information You Need So You Improve Your Chances With Your Immigration Application.
Guide to immigrating to Australia   Get access to the most up to date Australian migration resources, tips and advice.
How to arrive and thrive in the UK   This guide combines the immigration knowledge and experience of people like you from around the world who have successfully settled in Britain. These are their immigration and settling secrets, tips and techniques compiled into a single source. The very private keys to their success
Gazetteer Of British Place Names   The Gazetteer of British Place Names is a unique source of geographical information. It provides the most exhaustive Place Name Index to Great Britain currently available, it lists the County in which each place lies, it lists the name of the most important administrative areas (i.e. of local government, police, health authority, region and lieutenancy) in which each place lies.
A New Start in Perth   What you need to know before moving to PerthAustralia.
Immigration to Canada Made Easy   Interactive e-book for anyone aspiring to migrate to Canada and a Directory of 3,092 Canadian Job Recruiters.
Russian Visas And Travel   Site of famous travel company (incoming only) St. Petersburg / Russia.
Japan-Guide.com   Delivers comprehensive, up to date information on traveling and living in Japan, first-hand from Japan.
Immigration to Canada   The easiest and the most cost efficient way to Immigrate to Canada.
Mexico With Heart   Will provide you with lots of information about travel to Mexico, woven into the tale of Rosana and Kelly Hart's recent Mexican trip, roaming around the country
World Sites Atlas   Using geography to explore the world - and the web Maps, hotels, travel information, photos, links... Thousands of pages of information can be found on this site!
Realfrenchlife.com   This e-book will give you a real insight into the French way of life, the cold, hard facts about moving to and living in France. It has over 100 pages of clear advice and offers you ways to make the system of French bureaucracy work for you.
World Sites Atlas   Using geography to explore the world - and the web Maps, hotels, travel information, photos, links... Thousands of pages of information can be found on this site!
English-Thai Dictionary   English-Thai Dictionaries, Travel e-Books.


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