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Information on Ireland:

This page will help you to find useful information on flights, hotels, accommodation, car hire, shopping and tours online with detailed information on places to eat, things to do, sightseeing and what's on in Ireland by providing links to the most helpful Irish websites.

Travel Ireland guide  

Travel in Ireland: accommodation, car rental and travel guides for Ireland, also offers tour packages for Northern and Southern Ireland.

Armagh map guide-Accommodation and Entertainment   Armagh guide for accommodation, hotels, maps, and entertainment, this Armagh guide brought to you by travel in Ireland.
Belfast Ireland hotels, map guide, accommodation   Belfast, Ireland travel guide - accommodation, maps and entertainment.
Carlow, Ireland   With the two great rivers Slaney and Barrow winding through the county, Carlow is a fishing enthusiasts paradise. This also makes it a prime location for boat cruising.
Cavan, Ireland   Cavan guide for accommodation, hotels, maps and entertainment.
Clare, Ireland   All the information about County Clare a traveller needs.
Cork, Ireland   The southern county of Cork is a popular vacation destination and it has much to offer.
Derry, Ireland   Derry, one of the most historically rich counties in Ireland, has experienced a period of consecutive residency of a single culture for over 1500 years.
Donegal, Ireland   Donegal is Ireland's most northern county. Its rocky mountains and glacially-formed valleys provide the hardy adventurer with plenty to explore.
Down, Ireland   Down boasts a magnificent, picturesque countryside and contains some of Irelands richest soil. Nature lovers should be sure to visit Castlewellan National Arboretum, one of the most highly rated in the UK and Ireland, where an award winning collection of trees and shrubbery can be found.
Fermanagh, Ireland   Fermanagh has two beautiful, big lakes on which to enjoy a multitude of water activities.
Galway, Ireland   Galway is one of the most popular vacation spots in Ireland.
Kildare, Ireland   Kildare is number one in Ireland for equestrian activities. The flat, rich, green countryside makes the optimal environment for the breeding and raising of horses.
Kilkenny, Ireland   Kilkenny was founded in the 6th century A.D. by St. Canice as a pastoral community. Many monuments and stone structures stand in testament to this fact.
Kerry, Ireland   Kerry boasts both the highest mountain in Ireland, Carrantuohill, and some of Europes finest beaches and waterfront in the famous Ring of Kerry, where fans of saltwater fishing will be right at home.
Laois, Ireland   Laois is perfect for anyone who has come to Ireland to truly get away.
Leitrim, Ireland   Leitrim is well known for being a laid back, relaxed county, with plenty of virgin countryside.
Limerick, Ireland   Limerick is a perfect mixture of modern, youthful energy and activity, and old world history and charm.
Longford, Ireland   A quiet farming community with its pleasant, peaceful countryside, Tolkien must have surely had Longford county in mind when he wrote about the Hobbit Shire in his books.
Louth, Ireland   Lovingly referred to as The Wee County' on account of it being the smallest in Ireland, County Louth is nonetheless filled with opportunity, activity, and historical and legendary significance. Many relics and monuments can be found in Louth.
Offaly   Eclectic geography, rich history, accessibility, and beauty are all features of county Offaly, nestled between the river Shannon and the Slieve Bloom mountains, with boglands, peatlands, glacially formed eskers, walkways, waterways, and virgin countryside in between.
Mayo, Ireland   Situated in the west of Ireland is county Mayo, the home to a number of Ireland and mankinds most precious historical treasures.
Meath, Ireland   One of the earliest known settlements in Ireland, Meath is known as the Royal County. In ancient times it was the realm of the Celtic High Kings.
Monaghan, Ireland   Monaghan is well known for its arts and crafts. Most famous of all is the countys lacemaking tradition.
Roscommon, Ireland   The unspoiled countryside of Roscommon is ideal for the more adventurous travellers. Outdoor attractions, which are plentiful, include cycling, angling, golf, horse racing, cruising, walking and much more.
Sligo, Ireland   Sligo, whose name means 'Place of Shells' on account of the plentiful number of shellfish found in its waters, has been an inspiration to many a visitor, one of the most famous being the poet William Butler Yeats, who is buried at Drumcliffe Churchyard.
Tipperary   Tipperary, the Golden Vale County', is located in the middle of Irelands farming heartland.
Tyrone, Ireland   Tyrone is a prime spot for hikers.
Waterford, Ireland   The city of Waterford, in the county of Waterford, is known as Irelands First City.
Westmeath, Ireland   Journey to a place and time where magic and myth were as real as the green grass. Westmeath is a county rich in mystical legend from ancient Celtic mythology, one of the most famous being the legend of the Children of Lir, which always comes readily to heart and mind when considering this surreal place.
Wexford, Ireland   Wexford, known as 'The Model County' is situated in the beautiful southeast of Ireland.
Wicklow, Ireland   Wicklow, the 'Garden County', lies to the south of Dublin.
Dublin, Ireland   Dublin, the majestic capital city of Ireland, combines the elements of old European charm with the convenience and progressiveness of the ever-transforming modern world.
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