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Valuable Travel Resources

In this section you will find links to websites that provide services or information related to specific travel topics, a convenient tool for further researching your future trip.

Resource topics:

Travel Agencies One-stop websites for booking or airfares, hotels, car rentals, packages, cruises etc.
Accommodation Hotels, motels, bed&breakfasts, hostels, lodges, resorts, chalets, cottages, home exchanges, vacation rentals, timeshares etc.
Transportation Air travel, car rentals, rail travel, RVing, boat travel, cruises, yachting sailing etc.
Budget Travel Anything that provides discounts on travel. Unique money-saving strategies. Free travel.
Live - Work - Study Abroad Immigration & visa information, work permits, finding a job abroad, living abroad, studying abroad, volunteering abroad etc.
Travel for Women, Seniors, Families, Singles Solo women travellers, travel for seniors, retirement travel, retirement abroad, solo travellers, family travel
Travel and Learn Learn languages (at home and abroad), understand cultures, cultural information, learn how to cook/paint abroad, learning vacations
Specialty Travel Adventure travel, safaris, sports travel: golf, skiing, scuba diving, hiking, yachting, sailing etc. Spa vacations, honeymoon vacations, gay travel, business travel.
Travel Products and Services Travel products: suitcases, backpacks, compasses, maps, tents, equipment, travel gear. Travel services: insurance, foreign exchange, medical services, rescue services etc.
Destination Information Information about specific destinations, sight-seeing tours, city passes etc. We have just compiled an extensive collection of useful websites on France, Ireland and Australia and New Zealand.
Travel Information Sites Websites offering travel info, travel stories, photos, helpful tips and advice from other travellers.
Travel Directories Directories listing a wide range of travel-related websites

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