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Are you interested in travel ideas for places like London, New York City, Rome, Madrid, Toronto, Montreal, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Cuba and many others? Would you like to get travel ideas, read first-hand travel stories, check out photos and videos of these places? Then you have found the right place.

Travel with me virtually as if you were there in real life. Many of our readers have said they enjoy coming along on these trips without ever having to leave home. Sometimes they even use them to plan their own travel adventures.

These stories, enriched with countless photos and videos, will give you a very realistic idea of what it’s like in the places I visit. The footage is raw and immediate, all taken with simple equipment and without a camera crew.

Enjoy first-hand experiences from many near and far-away places and be inspired for your own trip, or simply relax and day-dream.

First hand travelogues:

Here you will find my own first-hand accounts of my experiences in various destinations, locally and abroad. These are first-hand authentic travel experiences from the various places that I have visited. Again, conveying the real experience is important to me, so they may initially have spelling mistakes or less than perfect grammar until I get to fix the articles when I return back home. But because of this they convey the feeling of the place in a much more direct way.

  • Memphis 2016

    Memphis 2016

    A brief excursion to Memphis, Tennesse, the Blues City and home of Graceland

  • San Antonio 2016

    San Antonio 2016

    Two days exploring the Alamo, the Riverwalk and other destinations in San Antonio

  • Austin 2016

    Austin 2016

    Four days of discoveries in the eclectic capital of Texas

  • New York City 2015

    New York City 2015

    A late summer stay in New York City to explore Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn & the Bronx

  • Catskills 2015

    Catskills 2015

    Discoveries in the Catskill Mountains - Haines Falls, Tannersville & Kaaterskill Clove

  • Dolomites 2015

    Dolomites 2015

    The dramatic mountain panoramas of the Italian Dolomites

  • Niagara 2015

    Niagara 2015

    Research trips into the region for creating the Niagara Travel Guide

  • Hermosa Beach 2015

    Hermosa Beach 2015

    Two days in Hermosa Beach with side trips to Palos Verde, Marina del Rey and Santa Monica

  • California 2015

    California 2015

    A week in the Coachella Valley, with visits to Palm Springs, Indian Wells and La Quinta.

  • Puerto Vallarta 2015

    Puerto Vallarta 2015

    11 days in a tropical paradise with fabulous beaches and much more

  • Grey County 2014

    Grey County 2014

    Two adventurous days in Grey County with cycling, paddling and culinary delights

  • Scottish Highlands 2014

    Scottish Highlands 2014

    A bus tour to the Scottish Highlands, featuring the Trossachs, Castle Urquhart and Loch Ness

  • Glasgow 2014

    Glasgow 2014

    An excursion to Glasgow with a visit to some of the city's most stunning sights

  • Edinburgh 2014

    Edinburgh 2014

    3 days in the Scottish capital with explorations of the Old Town, New Town and surrounding regions.

  • Austria 2014

    Austria 2014

    4 days in my Austrian home town of Weiz in Eastern Styria

  • Bratislava 2014

    Bratislava 2014

    A splendid day trip by speedboat from Vienna to Bratislava to explore the Slovak capital

  • Vienna 2014

    Vienna 2014

    4 densely packed days in Vienna - architecture, history, art, food & biking

  • Venice 2014

    Venice 2014

    Power sightseeing during less than 2 brilliant days in Venice

  • Brussels 2014

    Brussels 2014

    A 6-hour layover in Brussels was a great chance to explore the Belgian capital

  • Asheville 2014

    Asheville 2014

    Asheville, North Carolina - great architecture & mountain landscapes, ideal for a spring getaway

  • San Miguel de Allende 2014

    San Miguel de Allende 2014

    11 days in one of the most popular destinations for US & Canadian expatriates

  • Champlain Township 2013

    Champlain Township 2013

    A fall visit to Champlain Township and explorations in L'Orignal, Hawkesbury and Vankleek Hill.

  • Hawkesbury 2013

    Hawkesbury 2013

    A fall trip to Hawkesbury, L'Orignal and Vankleek Hill in Champlain Township in Eastern Ontario

  • Buffalo 2013

    Buffalo 2013

    3.5 days in Western New York's metropolis: architecture, history, art, culinary delights & much more

  • New York City 2013

    New York City 2013

    A visito to the US Open and explorations in Lower Manhattan, the West Village and Greenwich Village

  • Catskills 2013

    Catskills 2013

    Two days of adventures in the Catskill Mountains and the Hudson Valley

  • Zurich 2013

    Zurich 2013

    A packed day of sightseeing in Zurich, Switzerland's largest city

  • Bern 2013

    Bern 2013

    A gorgeous day in May, spent strolling through the streets of Bern, Switzerland's capital

  • Lucerne & Interlaken 2013

    Lucerne & Interlaken 2013

    One day in Lucerne and four days of mountain adventures in Interlaken

  • Salzkammergut 2013

    Salzkammergut 2013

    Two days in Austria's gorgeous Salzkammergut of Sound of Music fame

  • Austria 2013

    Austria 2013

    Hiking trips and local excursions in Eastern Styria, one of Austria's hidden gems

  • Naples 2013

    Naples 2013

    Two action-packed days in Naples with excursions to the Campi Flegrei and Caserta

  • Sorrento 2013

    Sorrento 2013

    Six fabulous days in Sorrento, with side trips to Positano and Capri

  • Salerno 2013

    Salerno 2013

    Two days of explorations in Salerno with an excursion to Amalfi and Ravello

  • San Jose 2013

    San Jose 2013

    Two fabulous days in San Jose, Costa Rica & an excursion to Cartago

  • Costa Rica 2013

    Costa Rica 2013

    A wonderful 10 day tour through Costa Rica, a breath-taking natural paradise

  • Niagara Falls 2013

    Niagara Falls 2013

    Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls travel during the Festival of Lights

  • Stirling 2012

    Stirling 2012

    A fun-filled weekend in Stirling, 2 hours east of Toronto

  • South Carolina 2012

    South Carolina 2012

    A trip to Hilton Head Island, Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, SC.

  • Clarington 2012

    Clarington 2012

    An exciting one-and-a-half-day escape in Ontario's Clarington region

  • New York 2012

    New York 2012

    Explorations in Ithaca, New York City and the Hudson Valley

  • Minneapolis 2012

    Minneapolis 2012

    Three days of explorations in the Mill City

  • Poland 2012

    Poland 2012

    Visiting 3 Polish Jewels: Krakow, Warsaw and Lodz

  • Dalmatia 2012

    Dalmatia 2012

    Discoveries of Dalmatia: Zadar, Krka National Park, Sibenik and Split

  • Loire Valley 2012

    Loire Valley 2012

    An excursion from Paris to the Loire Valley, 3 chateaus & the city of Tours

  • Paris 2012

    Paris 2012

    Major sights and off-the-beaten destinations in Paris

  • Austria & Hungary 2012

    Austria & Hungary 2012

    Austrian Easter delicacies, castle visits & a day trip to Hungary

  • Ottawa 2012

    Ottawa 2012

    Wintery explorations of Canada's capital.

  • Montevideo 2011

    Montevideo 2011

    Side trips from Buenos Aires: Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay

  • Buenos Aires 2011

    Buenos Aires 2011

    Explorations of the Argentine capital: culture, tango, graffiti & bicycle tours

  • Bayfield 2011

    Bayfield 2011

    Three days on Ontario's West Coast: Bayfield, Clinton, Blyth, Benmiller and Goderich

  • Mont Tremblant 2011

    Mont Tremblant 2011

    Summer adventures in the green hills of Quebec

  • Berlin 2011

    Berlin 2011

    Berlin - explorations of a city where history is ever present

  • Andalusia 2011

    Andalusia 2011

    The seductive magic of Granada, Seville, Cordoba and Cadiz

  • Montreal 2011

    Montreal 2011

    A diverse winter program for Montreal during sub-zero temperatures

  • New York & Boston 2011

    New York & Boston 2011

    A visit to the US Open, explorations of Brooklyn and two days in Boston

  • Asturias 2010

    Asturias 2010

    A week in Asturias, "Nature's Paradise": stunning landscapes and friendly locals

  • Hills of Headwaters 2010

    Hills of Headwaters 2010

    Two days in a great travel region an hour north of Toronto

  • Rome, Frascati, Orvieto 2010

    Rome, Frascati, Orvieto 2010

    The eternal beauty of Rome with side trips to Frascati and Orvieto

  • Madrid, Salamanca, Segovia 2010

    Madrid, Salamanca, Segovia 2010

    The heartland of Spain explored: Madrid, Segovia and Salamanca

  • Massachusetts 2010

    Massachusetts 2010

    Enjoying the beauty of fall in the Berkshires, Springfield and Schenectady

  • Miami 2010

    Miami 2010

    Historic sights, bicycle tours and cultural explorations in Miami

  • Mexico 2010

    Mexico 2010

    Studying Spanish in Guadalajara with side trips to Guanajuato and Morelia

  • New York City 2010

    New York City 2010

    New York City: the Bronx, the High Line, a Manhattan bike ride &more

  • Peterborough 2010

    Peterborough 2010

    Summer fun in Peterborough in Ontario's Kawartha Lakes region

  • Ontario 2005-2013

    Ontario 2005-2013

    All sorts of travel adventures around Ontario

  • Toronto 2005-2013

    Toronto 2005-2013

    Discoveries in and around Toronto, the city where I live

  • Austria 2009

    Austria 2009

    Hiking adventures in the mountains of Eastern Austria

  • Brantford 2009

    Brantford 2009

    Three days of discoveres in Brantford, Ontario, a pleasant country town

  • Mexico 2006

    Mexico 2006

    Unravelling the mystery of Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Taxco and Tepoztlan

  • Mallorca 2009

    Mallorca 2009

    10 adventure-filled days on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca

  • Prague 2009

    Prague 2009

    Prague discoveries: Castle Hill, Jewish Quarter, Petrin Hill and more

  • Slovenia 2009

    Slovenia 2009

    A day in the historic city of Ptuj, Slovenia

  • Detroit 2008

    Detroit 2008

    5 days in Detroit - a fascinating beacon of 20th century history

  • London 2008

    London 2008

    Covering London's major sights and kayaking on Regent's Canal

  • San Diego 2008

    San Diego 2008

    A waterfront tour of San Diego and exploring the historic Sofia Hotel

  • San Francisco 2008

    San Francisco 2008

    Fisherman's Wharf, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Sonoma Valley ...

  • Austria 2007

    Austria 2007

    Hiking trips in the Austrian Alps and an excursion to Slovenia and Italy

  • Sicily 2007

    Sicily 2007

    Taormina, Mount Etna & and studying Italian on a sailboat in the Eolian Islands

  • Niagara Falls - Buffalo 2007

    Niagara Falls - Buffalo 2007

    Winter explorations in Niagara Falls and Buffalo

  • Ottawa 2005-2007

    Ottawa 2005-2007

    Kayaking on the Ottawa River, Winterlude and the Tulip Festival

  • Canadian Rockies 2006

    Canadian Rockies 2006

    Exploring Calgary and skiing adventures in the Canadian Rockies

  • Montreal 2006

    Montreal 2006

    Montreal summer adventures: Jazz Festival, walking & bike tours, fireworks

  • Nova Scotia 2006

    Nova Scotia 2006

    East coast travel in Annapolis Royal, Yarmouth, Lunenburg and Halifax

  • British Columbia 2005

    British Columbia 2005

    BC's summer beauty: Victoria, Vancouver & Grouse Mountain

  • Chicago 2005

    Chicago 2005

    5 days in Chicago: fabulous architecture and interesting history

  • Cuba 2005

    Cuba 2005

    14 days in Havana, studying Spanish & exploring Cuban culture

  • Orlando 2005

    Orlando 2005

    Orlando beyond the theme parks

  • New York 2005

    New York 2005

    Exploring the Big Apple during spring time

  • Quebec 2005

    Quebec 2005

    Skiing in Quebec's Eastern Townships

  • Rochester 2005

    Rochester 2005

    Two days in Rochester: art, architecture and history

  • Spain 2004

    Spain 2004

    Spanish adventures in Barcelona, Tarragona, Javea, Valencia and Ibiza