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November 16, 2005

Preview: Eliza Haddad, Lebanese-Canadian Film Producer, Sheds Light on the Children of Iraq

I am discovering interesting people all around me. Eliza Haddad has been a client of my full-time business for a while now and I knew that she was involved in the film industry. During a recent work-related project I had a chance to see her film the "Lost Innocents", a intensely moving documentary about two children that have become bombing victims in the Iraq War.

Eliza is a freelance producer of film and television documentaries and drama. With eleven years experience, she was 2nd unit producer on the Alliance Atlantis Feature film "The Five Senses", has produced two dance films with Bravo Television and several documentaries with Vision TV and OMNI TV. Eliza’s interest is strongest in the realm of social and historical documentaries that leave huge emotional impressions on an audience. She has been a jury member for the HOT DOCS Film Festival, the Geminis and the Genies. She is currently in development on a feature-length theatrical release documentary and is preparing a drama series concept for development. In addition, she is a course instructor for emerging producers in documentaries for several artist-run centres.

"Lost Innocents: The Children of War" is a documentary that is very personal and close to her heart. A Lebanese Canadian, Eliza grew up during the war in Lebanon. For the past two years, she has wanted to make a documentary on the children of Iraq and how her experiences during the war might bring her closer to understanding these children and future that awaits them. “Lost Innocents” is a documentary that she is very proud of and one that has brought two very special Iraqi children into her life and her heart.

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