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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Upcoming trips: skiing in Quebec, learning Spanish in Cuba and exploring New York City!

So what’s coming up for me travel-wise in the next few months?

Well, I am getting excited since there are a few things on the calendar over the next 2 months! It feels like I have been in town too long and I definitely have a bit of cabin fever right now. The fact that it’s deep winter around here isn’t helping….

The first thing on my plate is a ski week in the Eastern Townships in Quebec. My husband and I are going to go to a lovely condo at Club Vacances Magog near Lake Mephremagog in South-Eastern Quebec. From there we’ll have easy access to 4 decent ski areas: Mount Orford, Bromont, Owl’s Head and Jay Peak in Vermont on the US side of the border. I am really looking forward to skiing since we haven’t skied in a couple of years and this area offers quite a bit of choice. In addition, the Eastern townships are supposed to be very scenic, with historic Quebecois villages, excellent cuisine and a variety of activities. Naturally I will file reports from my ski vacation.

I am also making good strides on my trip to Cuba. Those of you that have read my blogs know that I love the Spanish language and that I have been planning a Cuba trip for a while. As it looks right now I will be flying out to Havana on April 1 with a return date of April 17. I’ll be studying Spanish half-days from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks at the University of La Habana. The even greater thing is that I will have the afternoons and 2 weekends to explore the city and surrounding countryside. I am definitely planning to spend one weekend in Pinar del Rio province in the Valle of Vinales which supposedly has outstanding physical beauty. I am thinking of either bringing along an old bike or renting one cheap in Havana so I can boot around locally and get a bit exercise while I am at it.

In May, my husband and I will hopefully make it for a few days to New York City. I am very excited about this since I haven’t been to NYC in about 10 years. New York City is just such a cosmopolitan hub with vibrancy and excitement pumping through its urban veins. It’s probably the epitomy of the urban metropolis and I have been dreaming for a long time to make it back to good old New York. I am juggling a few things on the schedule right now, but I really hope we can squeeze in 4 or 5 days in New York City some time in May, which will be a perfect time.

Spring time in New York. I can’t wait.


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