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My home town, Friday, November 05, 2004, 7:30 am

Reflections of a New Writer

When I set out to write my book about budget travel and slapped a few pages on the Internet to get motivated and to get started, I didn’t realize that writing would become so addictive. I spent half of last night mulling over my experiences in my home town, thinking I needed to get my hands on a computer to write them down as soon as possible. Connecting with your roots is indeed a rather intense experience. I crawled out of bed at 7 am this morning, just to get on my brother’s computer to get my thoughts on paper.

All these thoughts going through my head.

But writing and publishing on the Internet and sharing one’s innermost thoughts with an anonymous faceless audience, possibly all across the world is a different story. On one hand it’s a real thrill to think that my humble, simple thoughts might be read by other people, and possibly even inspire some reflections of their own.

On the other hand it’s downright scary, to grant access in some way to one’s personal inner sanctum, to the private thoughts between my ears. There’s a definite sense of vulnerability and doubt about how much to share, what to write about, what people might think when they read over my reflections.

Funny enough the concern became greater when I started sharing my website with people that I knew. I had no problem writing and publishing personal thoughts to a truly anonymous audience of strangers, but once friends and acquaintances started looking at my material it started to feel a bit funny.

On the other hand, the opportunity to get out there into the ether of the Internet and share one’s reflections feels good, feels cathartic. To feel that my writings might resonate with other people is gratifying, and the adventurer, the little rebel in me says, the hell with what people might say or think, this is what you need to do right now, so go for it! It takes a bit of courage to expose so much of oneself to a potentially wide audience, but I guess I have always been a bit of a risk taker.

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