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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Photoblogging - I finally figured it out!

Photoblogging is finally here!!!!

Barcelona - architecture galore.

Imagine this - I am in the process of working on 2 websites without a bit of knowledge of website design and HTML programming. As a matter of fact, blogging with www.blogger.com is a simple as it gets and anyone with basic literacy skills can do it too. My main [now my previous] website, www.youtravelcheap.com , is hosted by www.1and1.com where I use a template site builder to work on my site. I know, it's pretty basic, but I wanted to get some of my content on the net without needing a web designer or spending hundreds of hours of courses to do it.

View of the inner courtyard of the monastery of Montserrat.

But one thing was bugging me - I wanted to add some images to my blogs, particularly to the travel blogs. And I just couldn't figure out how to do it!

Another work of art in Ronda.

So finally yesterday I spent a good many hours, downloading a free software called Picasa which is basically an image editor and which is set up to work with www.blogger.com. In conjunction with another free software called "Hello" it allows me to actually touch up my pictures, organize them and upload them to my blog. I was very excited. For someone with no web design expertise these are little feats of accomplishment that I am extremely happy about.

So now that our image capability is here, I'll include some of my favourite pictures, which will allow all of us to catch a few colourful moments away from these dreary days of winter.

The church in Sitges, a gorgeous place.

The Campanile in Piran on the Slovenian Coast.


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