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Thursday, January 06, 2005

My Own Personal Mess

So I started this blogging thing some time in October. It's been quite exciting putting up travel reports from a few of the places I visited (Barcelona, Ibiza, Graz, Trieste, Cividale, Ljubljana etc.) and I had an opportunity to include some of my own personal reflections.

But, as anyone who runs a small business can attest, sometimes your work just grabs you and doesn't allow you to pursue what you want to dedicate your attention to. My last 2 months since my return from Austria have been consumed with reorganizing the office, setting up a new accounting system, working out a sales and business expansion strategy for this new year and dealing with various organizational issues.

In addition to that, one of my key employees is relocating and although we are losing her on site here, we'll try to set up a satellite office in her new location. That will entail a whole new range of planning and preparation. Over and above that, of course we have to recruit and train a replacement for her locally. So it seems that my work has regularly been interfering with my recreation.

That’s the life of the small entrepreneur. For a while my stated goal has been to grow my business from the one-person solopreneurship (with a network of international suppliers) that it was about 2 years ago, into a fully fledged business that has all business functions professionally organized. That obviously means formalizing the customer service function, the supplier management and purchasing function, the accounting function (always a headache), the sales and marketing function, administration and employee relations as well as strategic long-range planning.

So while I am trying to transition over into a new field (becoming an author – of a book on budget travel - and a web publisher), my full-time responsibilities have definitely hampered the speed of progress into my new endeavour. However, I am in the process of goal setting for this coming year and I definitely want to dedicate more time to researching and writing articles, interviewing travel experts and other cool folks, doing some real-life traveling and finally starting to write some of the actual chapters of my travel e-book.

It’s finally time to put the pedal to the metal.

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