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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Feeling like a kid again!!!

Yesterday was a fabulous day. My good friend Leslie and I decided to go to the Outdoor Adventure Show, "Canada's Largest Outdoor Adventure and Travel Marketplace". There were over 300 exhibitors, presenting outdoor gear and travel experiences. Adventure travel operators in the fields of trekking, kayaking and canoeing, rock climbing, mountain biking, scuba diving, gliding and other outdoor activities were represented.

In addition, there were representatives from travel companies and organizations from all over Canada (Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia), the United States (Vermont, Virginia and other places) and international destinations (Spain, Brazil, Cuba, Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago. Greece, the Virgin Islands and many other locations). Naturally there were several adventure travel tour companies that offer guided tours to all these and many more destinations all across the world.

I even bumped into people from two companies I had already done interviews with: Tannis from Verge Magazine and Chris from Trekk Holidays. It was great connecting with people that I already knew from my work on the website!

I picked up lots of brochures which are me giving tons of food for thought for future travels. I must have been like a hyper-excited little puppy that is discovering there is a whole big world out there.

In the end I also ended up buying a new mountain bike (since my old one croaked last year) and Leslie and I booked ourselves in for a "learn-how-to-kayak" weekend on the Ottawa River. It was an awesome day!

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