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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Barbara Got My Creative Juices Flowing!

Rekindling My Creativity

Just about half an hour ago I got off the phone from my first "tele-class", basically an hour and a half long conference call, with Barbara Winter who delivered her tele-seminar "A Beginner's Guide to Getting Published."

Barbara Winter, best-selling author of
Making A Living Without A Job

Today it was a fairly small group, and as an author of 2 books including one bestseller, Barbara shared with us her knowledge of the publishing world. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was truly quite simple. A tele-class essentially works like a conference call, you call a long-distance number, provide a code for the conference and you get linked in.

We briefly introduced ourselves at the beginning, then Barbara began to cover her material, talking about conventional publishing, self-publishing and various other topics of interest to novice authors. She has a very casual, engaging style and although this format of knowledge sharing was totally new to me, I have to say, it was easy to follow and I learned a lot.

Listening to Barbara really inspired me to try to spend more time on my newly rediscovered passion. I essentially dedicated the last close to 20 years of my life building a business, taking two part-time business degrees, spending a good deal of time on business processes, accounting and record-keeping systems and figuring out how to make a small business grow. (How many times can you mention the word "business" in one sentence? I detect a trend here....)

What I haven't done is stayed in touch with the creative side of me. This need to rekindle my artistic side has been fermenting inside me over the last two years or so. Last September I finally put the pedal to the metal, so to speak, and I started publishing my thoughts and experiences over the net. It's hard to tell whether there is an audience yet for my materials (I haven't even figured out yet how to install a statistics package on my blogging website), but regardless, the Internet is a fabulous outlet for sharing my first steps as a novice writer.

Taking this class tonight was great fun and a real inspiration to keep going, to reunite the entrepreneur in me with the budding artist, and I really thank Barbara Winter for providing the stimulation to keep going. I already look forward to posting my interview with Barbara in the near future, so stay tuned, it should be interesting.

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