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Free Ebooks

In the past two years since its inception, this website has grown immensely. It grew from a simple blog into more than 700 pages of content, enough for several books. Well, I have decided to group that content together into a number of ebooks. Now you are able to conveniently read my live travel stories from destinations such as Sicily, Cuba, Mexico, Spain, New York City, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and many more in an easily accessible PDF format. Please follow the following instructions for opening the links in the ebooks using Adobe Reader. All the links are from safe sources.

Here is a listing of FREE ebooks you can download:

These ebooks are a compilation of the live travel stories that I wrote from these places as well as useful travel planning tools and reference sections providing insight into the history, geography, architecture, culture, sports, music and cuisine of the destination.

Each ebook contains the following information:

- Real-life travel stories from the destination which allows you to share in my personal adventures and explorations in each destination.

- A very useful reference section that includes information about the destination (i.e. history, geography, language, culture, music, art, architecture, sports, etc. related to the destination. This information has been compiled from online reference websites as well as current tourism information websites for the destination.

- Travel booking tools that will allow you to comparison shop for accommodation (hotels, B&Bs, etc.), transportation (flights, car rentals, rail travel etc.), travel insurance, foreign exchange services and similar travel-related necessities.

- Links to local and regional travel information sites, e.g. national, regional and municipal tourism marketing sites for the destination in question.

So these free ebooks will not only be entertaining, they will also be informative and useful for making practical travel arrangements. Each books provides numerous links to useful books, movies, music, travel booking tools and relevant tourism and travel authorities for the area.

Instructions for opening links:

In order to easily access the links with Adobe Reader you will be prompted by a Security Message where you can allow Adobe Reader to contact specific websites by adding those URLs to your list of allowed websites in the Trust Manager preferences. Remove any URLs you no longer want to visit. To open file attachments in Reader, you must respond to a prompt by indicating that you always allow files of that type. The attachment’s file type is then added to a list stored in the registry. If you want to restrict a file type that you permitted in the past, you can reset this list to its default settings in the Trust Manager preferences.

To open the Trust Manager preferences, choose Edit > Preferences menu (Windows) or Reader > Preferences (Mac OS), and select Trust Manager on the left in Adobe Reader.

Change Settings: When clicked, lets you specify the default behavior for accessing the Internet from PDFs. To restrict access to only the URLs you specify, select Let Me Specify A List Of Allowed And Blocked Web Sites (the default). To allow access to all URLs, select Allow All Web Sites. To restrict access with all URLs in PDFs, select Block All Web Sites. To specify a list of allowed and blocked websites, type each URL in the text box, and click Allow or Block. Then specify the default behavior for Reader for websites that aren’t in the list. Note: If you open a protected PDF and a security warning dialog box prompts you to allow or block a URL, select Remember My Action For This Site, and the URL is added to this list.

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