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Sorrento Travel: Villa La Terraza, La Sorgente Agriturismo and a Visit ...

April 26 was my last full day in Sorrento and in the morning I moved from the Hotel La Favorita, which was fully booked, to Villa La Terrazza. This magnificent historic mansion was built by a German nobleman in the late 1800, and today occu ... Read more

The MacKinnon-Cann Inn: Where Home and Garden Television Meets the Tra ...

I had spent a wonderfully rejuvenating night wrapped up in the soft high-thread-count sheets and comforters of my temporary home at the MacKinnon-Cann Inn in Yarmouth. After an exciting drive down the Evangeline Trail yesterday that include ... Read more

An Electric Bicycle Tour of the Lauterbrunnen Valley and Dinner in the ...

Finally, on May 13, 2013, my last full day in Interlaken, the weather had improved just a little bit, which was important for my plans today: an electric bicycle tour into the Lauterbrunnen Valley! I strolled from my abode at the Hotel Chal ... Read more

The Village of Cheltenham and the Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

This morning had started with a nice tour of the picturesque village of Erin, guided by local entrepreneur Shelley Foord, and in the afternoon I had a chance to talk to various artists and local food merchants during the Cuisine-Art Festiva ... Read more

Discovering Canada with Via Rail

When it comes to long distance travel, people tend to think of air transportation first. However, train travel can be a nice option that should not be overlooked, even in a huge country like Canada. Montreal-based Via Rail offers terrific o ... Read more

Barbados Beautiful: Prettiest Places to Visit on the Island Country

It might be relatively small, but Barbados holidays pack quite the rum punch as far as paradise is concerned. Where is Barbados? This island country in the Lesser Antilles boasts lush green inland forest, white (and pink!) sand beaches, liv ... Read more

Minneapolis, Minnesota: The Mall of America

So what exactly brought me to Minneapolis, Minnesota? Actually, I had been thinking for a while now that the twin cities – Minneapolis and St. Paul – would be a great place to visit, and it was definitely a destination on my to-do list. ... Read more

Berlin Travel: A Sightseeing Tour of Berlin's Main Sights

My second day in Berlin, April 30, 2011, started with brilliant sunshine. I took the S-Bahn from the Lichtenberg district and arrived within less than 20 minutes downtown at Alexanderplatz. This large public square is in the heart of Berlin ... Read more

Costa Rica Travel: Leaving Tortuguero and Lunch in Guapiles

After two interesting and very educational days, our time in Tortuguero had come to an end and we had to move on to continue our Costa Rica travel adventure. On February 12, 2013 our Caravan tour group left Pachira Lodge and got transferred ... Read more

US History Travel Destinations: New York City, Boston, Chicago and Detroit

History travel is an amazing way to learn first-hand about significant events in the past. These destinations, New York City, Boston, Chicago and Detroit,  offer a mindboggling array of places to see for history lovers. Our second article ... Read more

Montevideo, Uruguay: A Perfect Side Trip from Buenos Aires

During my trip to Argentina in November of 2011, it was absolutely clear to me that I would make an excursion to Montevideo, Uruguay. The distance is only about 100 miles or 160 kilometres, straight across the Rio de la Plata. I had decided ... Read more

Texas Travel: El Paso, Laredo, Amarillo and Galveston

In our previous article we already examined the Texas travel opportunities of the larger cities of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. Here are some additional interesting destinations in the large state of Texas. El Paso is located ... Read more

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