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A Conversation with Bruce Poon Tip: Global Travel Entrepreneur with a ...

Every once in a while you meet a personality that totally defies standard categorization, an individual who strikes you with their uniqueness and leaves an impression. Well, that’s what happened to me this past week. I had a chance to spe ... Read more

Montevideo, Uruguay: A Perfect Side Trip from Buenos Aires

During my trip to Argentina in November of 2011, it was absolutely clear to me that I would make an excursion to Montevideo, Uruguay. The distance is only about 100 miles or 160 kilometres, straight across the Rio de la Plata. I had decided ... Read more

Eugenia Falls – A Great Getaway Destination

Living in a vibrant metropolis like Toronto with all its summer festivals and street parties is exciting, but every once in a while it’s just time to get away from the big city into the countryside. I was looking for a place that would no ... Read more

A Visit to the PNB Parisbas Open and the Desert Hills Premium Outlet

March 13 was our third day at the BNP Parisbas Open in Indian Wells, and it was a great day for some outstanding tennis. We ended up watching tennis celebrities such as Alexander Dolgopolov, Canadian favourites Frank Dancevic and Milos Raon ... Read more

A Pleasant Evening and Interesting Family Stories at the Dam Pub in Th ...

From the Beaver Valley we drove a short distance to the pretty country town of Thornbury, which is located where the Beaver River flows into Georgian Bay. Thornbury has an attractive harbour area with a marina that can accommodate 250 boats ... Read more

Travel Ecuador: Quito, Cuenca, the Baños de Santa Agua and the Galapa ...

Ecuador’s most privileged call to fame is perhaps the Galapagos Islands where English naturalist Charles Darwin arrived in 1835, filling with him sights and experiences that inspired him to create his controversial Theory of Evolution. Be ... Read more

Discoveries of Glasgow: The Necropolis and the People’s Palace

A mishap with my camera forced me to cut my visit at Glasgow’s Riverside Museum short. A travel writer and photographer is obviously no good with a broken camera. So when I asked for help a friendly employee at the Riverside Museum in Gla ... Read more

The Splendour of Tulips at the Casino du Lac-Leamy

After my historic train travel experience on the Hull-Chelsea-Wakefield Steam Train I decided to explore the surrounding neighbourhood. The Casino du Lac Leamy, located in Gatineau on the other side of the Ottawa River, is less than five mi ... Read more

Hello from Cuernavaca - Opening of a South African photo exhibition an ...

After my visit of the Newcomers Club I took a taxi to the Museo de la Ciuadad which is located directly about the Tourist Office of the City of Cuernavaca. There I connected with some colleagues from the Ideal Language School where I had be ... Read more

The Palos Verdes Peninsula – Scenic Beauty and Gorgeous Coastal Lookouts

After my first walk along the Strand in Hermosa Beach, I hopped in the car to drive about 20 minutes south to the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Our time in the Los Angeles area was extremely short and I had read that Palos Verdes was supposedly a ... Read more

Niagara-on-the-Lake: A Sneak Peek at the Prince of Wales Hotel

Our Niagara-on-the-Lake afternoon excursion and our walk on Queen Street continued with a sneak peek inside the prominent Prince of Wales Hotel. This Victorian-era jewel was built in 1864 and is one of the most elegant and historic hotel pr ... Read more

Travel New York City: Bronx, High Line, Staten Island Ferry and South ...

My first full day in New York City, October 16, 2010, started with bright sunshine and punctually at 10 am I met my local New York City expert, Ed Botwin, in the lobby of my hotel. Ed is a volunteer with the Big Apple Greeter Organization, ... Read more

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